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At Northwest Trailer Servicing we offer a variety of services with one goal in mind: to ensure your trailers are safe and roadworthy. With this in mind we offer a free NTTA Trailer Safety Check and also a full trailer servicing. Now you may be thinking what’s the difference?

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Free Trailer Safety Check

Recently, NTTA has been working on an initiative to introduce the UK’s first Free Safety Check program for the light trailer industry.

All trailers, unbraked and braked, up to 3500kg (gross weight) can be taken to a participating NTTA QS Member for the Free Safety Check, which could highlight issues that should be addressed.

Working with the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service and Central Registration & Identification Scheme, officers ran the first Caravan and Trailer operation of the season at Junction 19 of the A12 trunk road, Chelmsford, near Boreham Services Lorry Park on Tuesday 4th April 2017.

34 vehicles were stopped, 21 of which were towing trailers and 11 towing caravans. Of all the vehicles stopped, only 12 were clear of faults.

Two overweight 3500kg vehicles were found to be 15 per cent over the maximum authorised mass when weighed and the drivers fined £600.

A number of vehicles’ tyres were also over the five-year recommendation and a total of eight vehicles had breakaway cables that were incorrectly fitted, or none fitted at all. Some vehicles towing caravans had no extendable mirrors.

The driver of a trailer with a seized braking system was given a £100 fine and 3 points on his licence for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition. Of the vehicles that were stopped, four drivers were issued with fines and three licence points after it was discovered they did not have the correct category BE licence.

The NTTA Free Safety Check is a visual inspection only, but will give you an overview on the general safety aspects of your trailer. If suspect items are found, they will be highlighted and you will be given the option to have them repaired.

Items inspected are: –

  • Lights
  • Electrics
  • Brake Cables (if applicable)
  • Tyres (condition )
  • Tyres (pressures)
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Drawbar
  • Handbrake operation (if applicable)
  • Breakaway Cable / Secondary Coupling Device
  • Jockey Wheel Operation
  • Coupling head operation
  • Wheel Bearings
  • General Chassis Condition
  • General Body Condition
  • General Floor Condition

Trailer Servicing

It is very important that trailers are serviced regularly for both your own and other road users safety. It will also prolong the life of most mechanical parts and in the long run it saves you time and money.

We pride ourselves in after sales and the experienced staff in our fully equipped workshop can deal with all repairs, servicing and modifications. We are one of a few quality secured NTTA centres that adheres to the National Trailer & Towing Associations code of practice and we have been members for years! We are also authorised to carry out servicing repairs and warranty work on all Ifor Williams Trailers.

While many people are unaware that in the under UK law a trailer is no different to your tow car, whilst Trailers are not yet subject to MOT’s in the UK they are required  by law to be roadworthy.

Our services start at only £45 for unbraked trailers and £95 for braked trailers. A service includes checking

  • Brakes
  • Bearings
  • Lights
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Coupling
  • Tyres
  • All Moving Mechanical Parts

And much more, our customers receive a full service sheet detailing all work carried out (see our sample checklist below).

Your trailer will be serviced by our fully trained engineers in our fully equipped modern workshop, you also have the peace of mind knowing we are an accredited NTTA ‘Quality Secured’ Trailer centre adhering to their code of practice that promotes: Workshop best practice, customer service and professional workmanship.